Event 18: James Rice Eliminated 2nd ($50,000), Sean Jazayeri Wins

Event 18: $600 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $250,000 Guarantee

Level 33
Blinds: 100,000/200,000 w/ 25,000 ante
Player Remaining: 1/812
Average Stack:  16,240,000

James Rice

Three-handed play lasted for quite a bit but heads up was over right away thanks to a cooler dealt in the favor of Sean Jazayeri.

Jazayeri raised to 500,000 on the button in the first hand of heads up play and Rice three-bet to 1,200,000. All the chips went in from Jazayeri and Rice called with JJ♠ for 5,840,000 total.

Jazayeri held the two overs AK♠ and the two went to the 1075♠ flop.

The plot thickened with a flush draw for Jazayeri on the 9 turn and the K river gave him the title.

Rice takes home $50,000 for his efforts and Jazayeri earns the title. A winner’s recap will be posted shortly.

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