Team Member Spotlight (February): Mike

Meet Mike, one of our awesome Dual Rates. What is a Dual Rate? you might ask. Well, these are highly skilled folks who are both dealers and floor-people. You can’t miss Mike. For one, he is quite tall. Secondly, he always has a smile on his face. Third, he is always having a great hair day.

I caught up with Mike recently and barraged him with questions. Take a look.

How long have you worked here at The Venetian?
Since it opened in 2006, but I didn’t become a Dual Rate until the spring of 2017.

How did you become a poker dealer/dual rate?
I started out as a craps dealer and also played poker.

Which do you prefer: dealing or flooring?
I think flooring; however, dealing is a nice break because I can just relax a bit more and it’s almost second-nature to me at this point.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Honestly, I just enjoy helping people out and just doing something memorable. I want people to never be afraid to ask me a question. I also use humor in every aspect of my life, and love to crack jokes and make people smile.

Do you have any hobbies?
Right now, home renovation (said with a chuckle.)

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
With my toes in the sand.

So, if you are having a down day—or simply want to laugh—find Mike and have him tell you a joke.


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