DeepStack Extravaganza I Event #10 Wrap Up

Well, DeepStack Extravaganza I Event #10 $400 NLH DoubleStack $100K GTD is in the books, and, like the rest of our DeepStack Tournament Series was a success. A total of 631 players combined for a prize pool of $211,385—more than double our guarantee. Of those, 85 players made it to Day 2 and set forth on another long and arduous day of poker playing.

Our final table was a nice mix of DeepStack tournament familiar faces as well as some new faces too. The chip lead shuffled around for a while until Patrick Gunraj took command of it with six players left, and he never let it go.

Congratulations again to our champion Patrick Gunraj who took home a hefty $34,446 and our stunning trophy.

Gunraj (2)

1st: Patrick Gunraj, 34,446

Congratulations again to the rest of our final table.

c (2)

10th: Axel Steiner, $3,171

q (2)

9th: David Chavez, $3,805

a (2)

8th: Nikolai Sears, $5,073

p (2)

7th: Bryden Baxter, $6,342

r (2)

6th: Justin Tseng, $8,244

m (2)

5th: Randall Brooks, $10,992

i (2)

4th: Brandon Setzer, $22,059

k (2)

3rd: Cesar Claudio, $22,432

l (2)

2nd: Henry Perlman, $25,062

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