DeepStack Extravaganza I Event #25 Final Table Wrap Up

Another DeepStack Extravaganza I tournament is in the books. This time, it was Event #25 $400 NLH DoubleStack $100K GTD. With 583 total players, our $100K guarantee ballooned to $195,305. Of those 583 players, 80 made it to Day 2 where 63 players found themselves in the money.

Our final table was a refreshing blend of Americans and foreigners, amateurs and pros, and regulars and newcomers alike. Once we reached the final four, the chip lead bounced around a bit as all-ins and double-ups seemed to dominate most hands.

However, this final table—especially as we neared the end—was quite reminiscent of Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and the Hare in that while Raymond Slabbekoorn and Richard Ripoll seemed to all-in/call each other, thus swapping chip leads, our champ Shawn Daniels was content to play slower and more methodical, making each move strategic and calculated. This technique proved successful as he emerged victorious.

Congratulations again to Shawn Daniels and his hefty $41,017 and equally hefty stunning trophy.

Daniels (2)

Congratulations again to the rest of our final table:

toomas (2)

10th: Elvis Toomas, $2,930

herrin (2)

9th: Chris Herrin, $3,711

cavazzini (2)

8th: Augusto Cavazzini, $4,687

kerslake (2)

7th: Cindy Kerslake, $6,054

Turner (2)

6th: Jon Turner, $7,812

badermuse (2)

5th: DanaMarie Bader Muse, $10,351

friedman (2)

4th: Mordy Friedman, $13,671

ripoll (2)

3rd: Richard Ripoll, $18,359

2nd: Raymond Slabbekoorn, $25,194

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