Raymond Slabbekoorn Eliminated in 2nd Place ($25,194)

Congratulations to Raymond Slabbekoorn from the Netherlands who finished second in our DeepStack Extravaganza I Event #25 $400 NLH DoubleStack $100K GTD winning $25,194.

After a seemingly innocuous preflop call/check, the flop fell 8♥ 10♠ 9♠. Slabbekoorn led out with 375K, and Shawn Daniels raised to one million. Slabbekoorn went all-in quite quickly, and Daniels snap-called. Daniels had already made his straight with his J♥ 7♠ versus Slabbekoorn’s J♣ 2♦. The best Slabbekoorn could hope for was a chop; however, a 10♣ on the turn and 8♠ on the river spelled Slabbekoorn’s demise.

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