DeepStack Championship Event #61 Final Table Update

Lynne Beaumont raised to 35,000 from middle position and was called by Kyong Hui Yung in the hijack as well as Marsha Adams in the big blind.

The flop came 2♠ 5♦ 3♥ and Adams checked. Beaumont continued for 54,000. Yung raised to 200,000. Adams folded. Beaumont immediately moved all in for 783,000. Yung called shortly after with 483,000 behind.

Yung: Q♦ Q♥
Beaumont: T♦ T♥

The board ran out the 4♥ and 4♣ to see Yung improve to a higher two pair before taking down the pot.

Kyong Hui Yung – 1,095,000
Lynne Beaumont – 300,000

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