Elio Fox Eliminated in 8th Place ($49,140)

Congratulations to Elio Fox from New York, NY who finished 8th in our DeepStack Championship Event #72 $3,500 NLH $2M GTD winning $49,140.

Blinds: 25,000 / 50,000

The flop showed 7♦ 8♠ 3♦ and 350,000 had already accumulated in the pot pre flop.

Elio Fox was in the small blind and checked. Henri Buehler bet 100,000 from the big blind. Fox called.

The turn brought the 3♠ and Fox checked. Buehler placed forward 200,000. Fox called.

The J♥ completed the board and Fox checked for a third time. Buehler bet a stack of 100,000-chips which covered Fox. Fox immediately called for his remaining 500,000.

Buehler then tabled A♦ A♠ for two pair, and took down the pot, after Fox reluctantly revealed his J♦ 8♥ for a lesser two pair.

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