DeepStack Extravaganza I Event #11 Final Table Wrap Up

Well, another DeepStack series tournament is in the books. This time, it was our DeepStack Extravaganza I Event #11 $400 NLH DoubleStack $100K GTD that attracted 512 players who combined for a guarantee-crushing $171,520 prize pool. Of these, 57 returned for Day 2, and 54 of them found themselves in the money vying for a $36,873 top prize along with our brand new championship coin (silver for this event) and our gorgeous and highly coveted trophy.

As usual, our final table was an eclectic mix of locals and visitors from near and Canada. In fact, we had several familiar faces at this table. Right off the bat we lost one player, but then the action settled down a bit to a nice pace. Sometimes our final tables are full of friendly chatter, other times there is more smack talking; however, this group was unusually quiet save for an occasional outburst upon making, or missing, a crucial hand.

While it took a little while to reach the final table, the contest ended quite quickly, for final table standards, anyway.

Our champ Kfir Nahum entered the final table with a slight chip lead over Seat #8, and the two of them kept pace throughout. Of our final three, Seat #8 eliminated three players, Nahum eliminated two, and Matt Volosevich eliminated one, thus setting the stage for a fitting and mutually beneficial deal.

Congratulations again to Kfir Nahum and his hefty $31,000 first prize plus our beautiful trophy and brand new silver championship coin. This is his third Venetian trophy.

Nahum win (3)

Congratulations again to the rest of our final table.

2nd: Seat #8, $23,000

Volosevich3 (3)

3rd: Matt Volosevich, $22,820

gisler (3)

4th: Jon-Michael Gisler, $12,521

green (3)

5th: Cliff Green, $9,519

novo (3)

6th: Julio Novo, $7,118

ellerbe (3)

7th: Mark Ellerbe, $5,317

roberts (3)

8th: Austin Roberts, $4,081

peckham (3)

9th: George Peckham, $3,139

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