Grigor Karapetyan Eliminated in 6th Place ($9,523)

Level 28
Blinds: 50,000/100,000/100,000
Total Entrants: 438
Players Remaining: 5

With roughly 1,000,000 in the pot on a K77 flop, Grigor Karapetyan had 650,000 over the betting line in the small blind and was facing an all-in raise for his remaining stack of about 2,000,000 against Manuel Diones in the cutoff. Karapetyan thought about it and called.

Karapetyan: KQ
Diones: 107

The 3 and 6 completed the board and Diones stayed in front with his flopped trips to eliminate Karapetyan in sixth place for $9,523.

Manuel Diones – 10,250,000
Grigor Karapetyan – 0


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