Michael Vincent Eliminated in 2nd Place ($29,265)

Level 29
Blinds: 60,000/120,000/120,000
Total Entrants: 438
Players Remaining: 1

With roughly 1,300,000 in the pot on a K102 flop, Manuel Diones bet 1,000,000 and Michael Vincent called.

The 9 landed on the turn and Diones jammed. Vincent thought about it and called all in for his remaining stack of about 2,100,000.

Vincent: J10
Diones: AA

The 6 river bricked out to keep the rockets in front, and Vincent was eliminated as runner-up for $29,265. Meanwhile, Diones completed his domination of the final table to claim the trophy and the $39,989 first-place prize.

Manuel Diones – 17,500,000
Michael Vincent – 0

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