Robert Schulz Scores Massive Double Against Daniel Kusnerak

Level 34
Blinds: 200,000/400,000/400,000
Total Entrants: 944
Players Remaining: 4

With a huge pot already in the middle on a 10957 board, Robert Schulz ended up getting in his remaining 5,625,000 against Daniel Kusnerak.

Schulz: 1010
Kusnerak: J8

It was a huge cooler for a massive pot with a turned straight over top set. Kusnerak was in great shape to become a big chipleader, but the 5 spiked the river to improve Schulz to a boat for the pivotal pot.

Robert Schulz – 18,075,000
Thibault Letort – 13,000,000
Samy Dubonnet – 3,425,000
Daniel Kusnerak – 3,200,000

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