Ran Shahar Eliminated in 2nd Place ($98,320 + $5,000 in Bounties)

Level 34
Blinds: 200,000/400,000/400,000
Total Entrants: 671
Players Remaining: 1

Thomas Boivin jammed and Ran Shahar called all in for his stack of approximately 5,700,000.

Shahar: K6
Boivin: A2

The J97 flop kept Boivin in front, and the A turn locked up the pot, as the meaningless Q river confirmed the result.

Shahar was eliminated as runner-up for $98,320 + $5,000 in bounties, while Boivin takes home the trophy and $136,792 + $57,000 in bounties for his victory.

Thomas Boivin – 26,900,000
Ran Shahar – 0

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