Kao Saechao Finds River Call

Level 22
Blinds: 15,000/25,000
Total Entrants: 69
Players Remaining: 3

On a 1072 flop, John Cernuto checked the small blind, Blaz Zerjav checked the big blind, and Kao Saechao bet on the button. Cernuto folded and Zerjav called.

The 2 fell on the turn and Zerjav check-called against a bet by Saechao.

The 10 completed the board and Zerjav bet. Saechao thought for a while and eventually called.

Zerjav showed his hand, and Saechao tabled 7654 to claim the pot.

John Cernuto – 955,000
Kao Saechao – 530,000
Blaz Zerjav – 240,000

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