Orez Mokedi Eliminated in 2nd Place ($14,305)

Level 30
Blinds: 75,000/150,000/150,000
Total Entrants: 293
Players Remaining: 1

Orez Mokedi raised to 300,000, Kevin Garosshen three-bet to 900,000, and Mokedi called.

The dealer spread the A83 flop and Garosshen continued for 425,000. Mokedi called.

The 5 landed on the turn and Garosshen used a time extension before he moved all in for 4,335,000. Mokedi quickly called.

Garosshen: 76
Mokedi: A3

Mokedi had aces up but Garosshen had a lot of outs, and the 4 spiked the river to give Garossen the straight and the double for an overwhelming chip lead.


Mokedi was left with only 260,000 and doubled on the next hand before he was all-in again with his short stack.

Mokedi: Q5
Garosshen: J2

The board ran out A54JK and Garosshen improved on the turn to secure the victory, while Mokedi was eliminated as runner-up for $14,305.

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