Event 12: Dustin Lee’s Turn To Double

Event 12: $400 No-Limit Hold’em $150,000 Guarantee 

Level 28
Blinds: 30,000-60,000 w/10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 7


Dustin Lee

Whether he is winning or losing pots, Airy Phanhyaseng is in the eye of the storm for most major hands at tonight’s final table. That trend continued toward the end of Level 27 when Dustin Lee took a double up against Phanhyaseng.

Phanhyaseng opened for 170,000 on the button and Lee three-bet all-in for 465,000 from the small blind. Phanhyaseng opted to call and put Lee at risk with J♣8♣ while Lee found himself in a good spot with A♠Q♣.

The K♣10♠6♠ flop put Lee further ahead but the 6♣ turn gave Phanhyaseng outs to a flush. The J river paired Phanhyaseng but Lee hit a straight to win the hand. Lee is playing just over 1,000,000 and Phanhyaseng is still the chip leader with 4,565,000.

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