Event 23: Dutch Boyd Eliminated 10th ($7,430)

Level 24
Blinds: 12,000-24,000 w/4,000 ante
Players Remaining: 9


Dutch Boyd

The early portion of the Event 23 final table played out relatively slow before fireworks erupted on the last hand of the level. As a result of those fireworks, the first casualty of the final table has been claimed.

The hand started innocently enough with Dutch Boyd opening from the button the 53,000 and Ben Ector defending his big blind. The two took in a flop of Q9♣9 and Ector checked over to Boyd, who bet 55,000. Ector took about 30 seconds and assembled a raise to 185,000.

Boyd thought for a few moments and then shoved all-in for roughly 525,000 total. Ector called right away and turned over 9♠7♣ for flopped trips. Boyd didn’t like seeing that and showed Q3 for top pair.

Needing another queen, Boyd missed on the 2 turn and 3♣ river. Ector took in the huge pot and is playing 1,880,000, putting him right next to Barry Hutter for the chip lead.

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