Event 33: Sam Soverel Takes The Chip Lead, Updated Counts

Event 33: $10,000 High-Roller 8-Max $1,000,000 Guarantee 

End of Level 25
Blinds: 10,000-20,000 w/3,000 ante
Total Entrants: 107
Players Remaining: 7
Chip Average: 764,000

DSC_0051 (3)

Chris Hunichen is no longer the chip leader but still doing quite well at the High Roller final table. 

All of the great work David Peters did through the first part of the final table has been undone thanks to Sam Soverel. Soverel won the last pot of Level 25 and is now the chip leader thanks to a large pot won against Peters.

Soverel opened to 45,000 in the cutoff and Peters called on the button. Both players checked the Q♠J6♣ flop and Soverel bet 150,000 on the 8♣ turn. Peters took his time before calling and the 4♠ hit the river. Soverel slid out 325,000 and Peters went into the tank for half of his stack. Peters made the decision to call and Soverel showed 66♠ for a flopped set and Peters mucked. Soverel is now the chip leader with 1,700,000.

The level is set to go up and when it does, Peters, Christian Christner, Martin Kozlov and David Stamm will all be below 20 big blinds and in serious need of a double. Updated chip counts are below.

  1. Chris Hunichen – 1,225,000
  2. Sam Soverel – 1,700,000
  3. David Peters – 345,000
  4. Christian Christner – 385,000
  5. Martin Kozlov – 410,000
  6. David Stamm – 365,000
  7. Paul Volpe – 875,000

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