Event 53: Darlene Lee Eliminated 3rd ($87,738)

Event 53: $800 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Max $800,000 Guarantee 

Level 32
Blinds: 80,000/160,000/20,000
Total Entrants: 1,507
Players Remaining: 2

Chip Average: 11,300,000


Darlene Lee

Three-handed play went on for most of Level 32 with little confrontation before Darlene Lee and Viliyan Petleshkov collided in a pot that would decide the tournament fate for Lee.

Petleshkov opened to 400,000 on the button and Lee called in the small blind along with Neil Patel in the big blind.The A♣A4♣ flop checked to Petleshkov and he bet 500,000. Only Lee called and the 3 came on the turn. Lee bet 600,000 and Petleshkov called.

The K♣ fell on the river and Lee moved her last 2,800,000 into the middle. Petleshkov took a minute to decide his next move and called with Q♣9♣ for a flush. Lee showed 8♣7♣ for a smaller flush and took a longing look at the felt before departing.

Petleshkov and Patel are ready to start heads up play with Petleshkov (11,900,000) holding a slim lead over Patel (10,900,000)

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