Event 53: Viliyan Petleshkov Eliminated 2nd ($127,326)

Event 53: $800 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Max $800,000 Guarantee 

Level 33
Blinds: 100,000/200,000/25,000
Total Entrants: 1,507
Players Remaining: 1

Chip Average: 22,600,000


Viliyan Petleshkov

The heads up match between Neil Patel and Viliyan Petleshkov was a brief, but exciting, affair as Patel took down two pots in back-to-back succession to clinch his rise to the tournament victory.

In the first hand, Patel raised to 500,000 on the button and was called by Petleshkov. Petleshkov checked the A♠J6 flop and Patel bet 700,000 more. Petleshkov called and the 2 turn went check-check.

Petleshkov bet 1,700,000 on the K♠ river and Patel thought for a moment before raising to 3,500,000 total. Petleshkov called and mucked upon seeing the Q♣10♠ of Patel.

The next hand, both players limped to the 1086 flop and Patel bet 400,000. Petleshkov responded by moving all-in for 5,275,000. Patel called with J9 for a monster draw against the A10♣ of Petleshkov. The Q♠ turn wrapped up the match and Petleshkov said “good game” as he departed. He earns $127,326 and Patel takes the win. A winner’s recap will be posted shortly.

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