Event 56: Adam Geyer Takes The Chip Lead, Dan DiZenzo Below 3,500,000

Event 56: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em $2,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 31
Blinds: 60,000/120,000/20,000
Total Entrants: 2,216
Players Remaining: 5
Chip Average: 8,865,000

DSC_0053 (1).jpg

Adam Geyer is the new chip leader after flopping trips and getting paid against Dan DiZenzo.

Adam Geyer has been up and down since play resumed post-dinner but thanks to a 5,500,000 chip pot won against Dan DiZenzo, he is now the chip leader.

Geyer opened on the button to 260,000 and received calls from Harsukhpaul Sangha in the small blind and DiZenzo in the big blind. Sangha checked dark and the flop came out 83♣3. DiZenzo checked and Geyer bet 375,000. Sangha called and DiZenzo check-raised to 850,000. Both players called and the K hit the turn.

Sangha checked and DiZenzo bet 1,600,000. Geyer called fairly quickly and Sangha got out of the way. DiZenzo checked the 9 river with 3,225,000 left in his stack and Geyer took two minutes before checking behind with Q♠3. DiZenzo’s Q9♣ was no good and he is down to under 25 big blinds which will soon be about 20 with the blinds going up.

Geyer is about 500,000 ahead of Sangha and is playing 11,900,000.

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