Event 74: Paul Holder Eliminated 7th ($7,171), Lance Howard Quartered

Level 22
Blinds: 10,000-20,000
Entries: 271
Players Remaining: 7
Average Stack: 581,000

Shawn Nguyen hasn’t been afraid to utilize his chip-leading stack and that has led to a few swings for him in the last level. Nguyen doubled up Nic Vita and Bradley Ruben but also eliminated Paul Holder while quartering Lance Howard down to under 10 big blinds.

Nguyen opened to 50,000 in early position with A9♠J2 and Howard shoved on the button for 175,000 holding AJ10♠2♣. Holder called all-in from the big blind for about 150,000 with A♠J♣73♠ and Nguyen called to put them both at risk.

The 87♣6 flop gave Howard and Nguyen the same low and Nguyen was live to get the high with his flush draw. Nguyen asked for a heart but missed on the Q turn. The Q river was perfect for him and he officially eliminated Holder. Howard is left with less than 100,000 after getting a small rebate.

With the blinds set to go up, updated counts for the final table are below.

  1. Nikolaos Panopoulos – 565,000
  2. Shawn Nguyen – 1,350,000
  3. Nic Vita – 430,000
  4. Bradley Ruben – 340,000
  5. Sean Remz – 240,000
  6. Lance Howard – 165,000
  7. Tim Vukson – 895,000

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