Event 74: Sean Remz Eliminated 7th ($9,030), Nikolaos Panopoulos Moves Into The Chip Lead

Level 23
Blinds: 12,000-24,000
Entries: 271
Players Remaining: 6
Average Stack: 678,000


Sean Remz

Shawn Nguyen is over 1,100,000 in chips but Nikolaos Panopoulos has moved past him for the chip lead. Panopulous took out Sean Remz in a three-way pot and is playing a little bit more than Nguyen.

Remz, Nguyen and Panopoulos invested 84,000 each preflop and Nguyen checked from the small blind on a flop of K♣9♠8♣. Remz shoved in early position for 113,000 and both of his opponents called. The 6 turn and 10♣ river went check-check on both streets.

Remz opened up A♠K♠3♣3 but Panopoulos’s AK10Q♠ had caught the river for two pair. Nguyen’s A85♠2 went into the muck and Panopoulos took in the pot.

He is playing 1,175,000 with Nguyen’s 1,100,000 right behind him. Additionally, Lance Howard doubled up through Tim Vukson to pull himself out of immediate danger. He is playing 280,000 and Vukson is above the chip average with 690,000.

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