Event 76: Vi Do Eliminated 4th ($14,090), Leecy Leads On Dinner

Level 24
Blinds: 12,000-24,000 w/4,000 ante
Total Entrants: 259
Players Remaining: 3

Average Stack: 1,295,000


Vi Do

The three remaining players in Event 76 are currently on a 30-minute dinner break and right before they set out to fill up, Vi Do exited with Clement Richez doing him in. Do peaked in Level 23 but lost a few small pots to put him back to a shoving stack.

Do moved all-in for 330,000 in the small blind with 10♠5♠ and Richez woke up with JJ in the big blind. Do was drawing dead by the turn and he is out shy of the tournament podium.

Below is a look at the updated counts on the dinner break along with the remaining payouts. Play resumes at 6:20 pm.

  1. Clementz Richez – 1,500,000
  2. Matthew Leecy – 1,875,000
  3. Kyle Steinfelt – 625,000
  1. $43,152
  2. $26,682
  3. $19,197

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