Event 29: Scott Rist Takes The Lead

Event 29: $600 Omaha 8-or-Better $100,000 Guarantee 

Level 26
Limits: 80,000/160,000
Players Remaining: 4/274
Chip Average: 1,030,000

Scott Rist

Sergey Zaporozhets was in the lead for most of the Event 29 final table but that title now belongs to the start of final table chip leader Scott Rist. Rist found river value from Yuebin Guo and took down a meaty pot.

Guo raised the cutoff and Rist defended his big blind. Rist check-called on the 73♠2♣ flop, Q♣ turn, and then check-raised to Q river. Guo paid off the raise and Rist turned over 4♣43♣3 for a full house. The cards of Guo went into the muck and Rist took the pot.

Scott Rist – 2,100,000
Yuebin Guo – 725,000

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