DeepStack Championship Event #54 Final Table Update

Eric Holtz raised to 200,000 from the button and was called by Volodymyr Tamakovych in the small blind. Milos Skrbic then re-raised to 750,000 from the big blind. Holtz folded. Tamakovych called.

The flop came 4♦ Q♦ 2♦ and Tamakovych checked. Skrbic then moved all in for 2,520,000. Tamakovych was taken back by the bet, and took a minute, before making the call.

Skrbic: K♣ K♥
Tamakovych: K♦ Q♠

Skrbic had the over pair and was in front of Tamakovych who flopped top pair and a flush draw.

The board ran out the 7♥ and 5♥ to change nothing as Skrbic doubled up with his higher pair.

Milos Skrbic – 6,840,000
Volodymyr Tamakovych – 1,500,000

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