DeepStack Championship Event #54 Final Table Update

Volodymyr Tamakovych raised from the button before Milos Skrbic moved all in for 7,915,000 from the big blind. Tamakovych called with 2,585,000 behind.

Tamakovych: A♥ 6♥
Skrbic: A♦ 3♣

The board ran out Q♦ A♠ 3♦ 4♦ Q♣. Skrbic out-flopped Tamakovych and made two pair, but was counterfeited, after the repeat queen spiked on the river giving Tamakovych the pot with his higher kicker.

Milos Skrbic – 5,330,000
Volodymyr Tamakovych – 5,170,000

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