DeepStack Championship Event #72 Final Table Update

Blinds: 150,000 / 300,000

Henri Buehler raised to 625,000 from the button and was called by Ran Ilani in the big blind.

The flop came 8♠ 3♠ A♦ and Ilani checked. Buehler continued for 450,000. Ilani called.

Both players checked the A♣ on the turn before the 6♦ completed the board.

Ilani then bet 825,000. Buehler thought for a minute and called.

Ilani then tabled J♠ 8♦ for two pair, and took down the pot, after Buhler mucked his hand.

Ran Ilani – 7,975,000
Henri Buehler – 7,275,000

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