DeepStack Championship Event #108 Final Table Update

Game: Omaha 8/B
Limits: 12,000 / 24,000

Valentin Vornicu raised from under the gun. Angelo Mancini re-raised from middle position. Matt Grapenthien four-bet. Vornicu and Mancini called.

The flop fell K♣ J♠ K♦ and the action checked to Grapenthien who bet. Both Vornicu and Mancini called.

The turn brought the 9♣ and once again Vornicu and Mancini checked. Grapenthien fired another bet. Vornicu snap-called. Mancini thought for a minute before releasing his hand.

The 7♣ completed the board and Vornicu checked. Grapenthien placed out one last bet. Vornicu called.

Grapenthien then tabled A♠ 2♥ 9♥ K♥, and took down the pot with a full house, after Vornicu mucked his hand.

Valentin Vornicu – 18,000

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