Angelo Mancini Eliminated in 5th Place ($4,274)

Congratulations to Angelo Mancini from Italy who finished 5th in our DeepStack Championship Event #108 $600 HORSE $40K GTD winning $4,274.

Game: Razz
Limits: 25,000 / 50,000

Brian Nadell had the bring in with a king. Smith Sirisakorn completed. Angelo Mancini raised. Nadell folded. Sirisakorn called.

On fourth, Sirisakorn bet. Mancini called for his remaining 17,000 and was all in.

Sirisakorn: (2x)(9x) / (7x)(4x)(Ax)(Qx) / (3x)
Mancini: (2x)(9x) / (3x)(Qx)(Kx)(3x) / (Kx)

Mancini was drawing dead after sixth, resulting in him being eliminated in 5th place, earning $4,274 for his efforts.

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