Jakub Toth Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,402)

Congratulations to Jakub Toth from Prague who finished 9th in our DeepStack Championship Event #111 $400 NLH MonsterStack $60K GTD winning $2,402.

Blinds: 20,000 / 40,000

Len Lagoe Jr called from the cutoff and was followed by Sharman Olshan on the button. Jakub Toth then moved all in for 1,000,000 from the small blind. Lagoe Jr then moved all in for 1,600,000. Olshan mucked her hand.

Lagoe Jr: 7♦ 7♣
Toth: Q♠ Q♣

The board ran out J♣ T♠ 5♥ 2♥ 7♠, improving Lagoe Jr to a set on the river, which was enough to eliminate Toth.

Toth was considerably upset after the hand, jumping up and down in frustration. He eventually calmed himself down, and apologised to the table, before exiting the tournament floor.

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