Event 42: Matt Sullivan Eliminated 6th ($15,826)

Event 42: $600 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $200,000 Guarantee 

Level 29
Blinds: 40,000-80,000 w/10,000 ante
Total Entrants: 791

Players Remaining: 5


Matt Sullivan

Matt Sullivan hung around the Event 42 and minded his own business for the most part as other players fell around him. Level 28 was not kind to Sullivan, though, as he lost a few small pots to have his stack trickle down to under 10 big blinds and put him in a position to have to shove for his tournament.

Sullivan pushed all-in for 630,000 in the cutoff and Darren Healy called in the small blind. Andreas Krause folded his big blind and Sullivan showed 94. Healy had him crushed with 9♣9 and the K10♠27♣8♠ board clinched the elimination.

Healy is peaking at 7,000,000 and pulling away further from the field. Alex Dimitrov and Michael Azria are both playing near 20 big blinds and the new short stacks with $6,500 separating fourth and fifth place.

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