Event 47: Blinds Move Up, Updated Counts

Event 47: $800 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty $88,888 Guarantee 

Level 21
Blinds: 8,000/16,000
Players Remaining: 7/210
Average Stack: 540,000

Jerome Sgorrano was up to second-place in the Event 47 final table but fell a few notches after bluffing a few chips off along with a double for Young Ji. Sgorrano managed to get those chips back versus Lueth Peyman.

Peyman opened to 33,000 and Sgorrano defended his big blind. Sgorrano checked the J♣52♠ flop and Peyman put in 40,000. With 215,000 behind, Sgorrano raised to 194,000 and Peyman just called. Sgorrano put the 21,000 remaining chips he had in the middle on the 4 turn and Peyman called.

Peyman: KJ9♣8
Sgorrano: Q♠4♣4♠3

Peyman was drawing dead heading to the river and Sgorrano doubled up with his set.

A few hands later, Peyman three-bet to 136,000 out of the small blind after a raise to 40,000 in the cutoff from Abraham Reinhardt. Peyman was then faced with an all-in and folded to leave himself with under 10 big blinds as the level moves up.

  1. Andrew Donabedian – 535,000
  2. Jerome Sgorrano – 500,000
  3. Nick Halvorson – 720,000
  4. Young Ji – 510,000
  5. Abraham Reinhardt –960,000
  6. Jacob Elmore-Dahl – 650,000
  7. Lueth Peyman – 190,000

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