Event 47: Gonzalo Mercade Eliminated 8th ($2,969)

Event 47: $800 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty $88,888 Guarantee 

Level 20
Blinds: 6,000/12,000
Players Remaining: 7/210
Average Stack: 540,000

Gonzalo Mercade

A classic PLO confrontation put Gonzalo Mercade in a spot to double up but his aces were cracked by the wrap of Nick Halvorson.

Mercade was all-in for 145,000 out of the small blind with A♣A76 against the Q♠J♣10♣9♣ of Halvorson, who was in the cutoff.

The 8♣72 flop gave Halvorson his draw and put Mercade on edge. The 3♠ turn bricked but the 9♠ river brought the straight home to eliminated Mercade.

Nick Halvorson – 600,000
Gonzalo Mercade – 8th place ($2,969)

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