Ed Sebesta Eliminated in 6th Place ($45,183)

Congratulations to Ed Sebesta from Richmond, TX who finished 6th in our DeepStack Championship Event #91 $1,100 NLH Summer Saver I $1M GTD winning $45,183.

Blinds: 100,000 / 200,000

Ed Sebesta moved all in for just short of 2,000,000 from the small blind. Giovanni Giurdanella was seated in the big blind. He looked down at his cards, and snap-called, with more chips behind.

Giurdanella: 9♠ 9♥
Sebesta: A♠ 3♠

Sebesta took the lead after the flop fell 6♥ K♥ A♥ giving him top pair.

The board then ran out the Q♦ and Q♥, giving Giurdanella a flush on the river, which was enough to take down the pot.

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